9fin is “flexified” 🎉 We’re building a truly flexible place to enable exceptional work


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9fin is “flexified” 🎉 We’re building a truly flexible place to enable exceptional work

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Trust and flexibility are at the core of 9fin culture. Today, we’re happy to announce that we’ve been certified (#flexified) by Flexa, a platform that discovers and highlights employers with the best working environments.

What do we mean by flexible working? Well, if you’re a 9finner you can always:

  • Choose where you work from
  • Work when it suits you best
  • Have real autonomy from day one

Read on to find out more about the amazing benefits of working at 9fin that led to our certification.

Choose where you work, always

A whopping 98% of 9finners are satisfied with their working location freedom. At a time when more and more companies are mandating days back in the office, 9fin is sticking firm to the benefits of fully flexible hybrid working.

We love our centrally located offices in London and New York, and lots of people choose to make the most of these awesome spaces. But that’s the key word for us: choice.

We believe that people will do their best work in the space that works best for them, whether that’s at home, in the office or (as many 9finners choose) a mix of both.

We are also proud to offer up to 90 days working abroad for all of our people. This gives employees the opportunity to spend more time with loved ones, bookend holidays to extend their time away or simply enjoy a change of environment (we recommend somewhere sunny!) without using up all their precious annual leave.

It’s a benefit a lot of our people use and helps maintain the healthy work / life balance that we believe is so important.

Our Executive Assistant, Jewel, working from Puerto Rico!

Work when suits you best

We don’t just offer flexibility around where you work - we also give flexibility about the hours that work best for you. This means we do not prescribe the exact time you should be working or measure success by the hours you are at your desk or online.

We instead ask for people to overlap for 5 hours a day during “core hours” of 10am to 3pm, giving enough time for meetings and effective collaborative work.

We hope that this allows people to balance work around their lives in a way that suits them. In particular, we find our wonderful community of parents and carers really appreciate the flexibility that 9fin gives them to spend time with those they love and who depend on them.

We also hope this approach helps our employees who are neurodiverse or have a disability, ensuring they are able to work in a way that caters best to their needs.

Whether it means having time to do the school drop off or simply starting earlier in the summer and logging off by 4pm to enjoy the sunshine, as long as people communicate their time well, we trust them to do their best for 9fin in a way that works for them.

Our VP of Ops 📸 Jen Speirs, Jan 2024

US Managing Editor Will Caiger-Smith with his daughter at our 9fin Halloween Party, Nov 2023, US

Real autonomy, from day one

One of our company values is “talent trumps experience” and we want everyone at 9fin, regardless of role or seniority, to feel they can have an immediate impact.

We encourage people to share their ideas (another 9fin value is “have an opinion”) and operate with a flat, open structure where everyone’s voice is heard.

We judge people by the quality of their ideas, not the duration of their employment. If you join 9fin and hit the ground running, we offer fast progression and real responsibility. Plus, with our ‘equity for all’ philosophy, all our employees share in our success.

9fin US Credit Team at Full Strength, New York Office,📸 Oliver Cardozo

But it doesn’t stop there…

We’re committed to continuous improvement and for the past 18 months have run bi-annual employee engagement surveys which zone into how our people feel about a range of topics, including work / life balance, wellbeing and management.

So although we are really proud of our Flexa score, we won’t rest on our laurels. We will make sure we continue to hear how we’re doing from those that matter the most (our people!) and make changes where needed.

Our 9finners at a recent 9hands, working from the location that best suits them

Is flexibility a priority for you at work? Get in touch to find out about our open roles or reach out to hear more.

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