9fin partners with the European Leveraged Finance Association


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9fin partners with the European Leveraged Finance Association

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LONDON/NEW YORK, Nov 9, 2023 — 9fin, a leading provider of data, news and predictive analysis for debt capital markets, has today announced a partnership with the European Leveraged Finance Association (ELFA).

The partnership aims to bring together lenders and borrowers to:

  • Help facilitate borrower reporting by increasing their understanding of market standards, investor expectations, peer group performance, regulatory requirements and good practices.
  • 9fin will collect, organise and centralise ESG data in markets where sourcing this data has proven difficult.
  • Make lender requirements known as 9fin develops tools to help lenders meet regulation, such as the SFDR, and other ESG objectives.

Jack David, Head of ESG at 9fin, commented: “We recognise that access to timely, trustworthy and transparent ESG data for leverage finance and private markets is the most immediate and difficult challenge facing lenders wanting to fulfil regulatory requirements, client mandates and other ESG objectives. That’s why we are putting together a working group to facilitate meeting these goals.”

Sabrina Fox, CEO of ELFA, commented: “We are excited to welcome 9fin to our Partner Programme and look forward to working closely together to improve the quality and accuracy of ESG data in the leveraged finance market. A key mission of ELFA is to increase transparency, and to that end we seek to support borrowers in improving their ESG disclosure to provide investors with the information they need to make informed investment decisions. Better ESG data collection is central to our mission.”

About ELFA

ELFA is a trade association comprised of European leveraged finance investors from over 60 institutional fixed income managers, including investment advisers, insurance companies, and pension funds. ELFA seeks to support the growth and resilience of the leveraged finance market while acting as the voice of its investor community by promoting transparency and facilitating engagement among European leveraged finance market participants. For more information, please visit ELFA’s website: www.elfainvestors.com.

About 9fin

9fin is the faster, smarter way to find intelligence on leveraged credit. Our AI-powered data and analytics platform centralises everything that's needed to analyse a credit or win a mandate in one place, helping subscribers win business, outperform their peers, and save time.

9fin is trusted by the largest asset managers in the world, leading law firms and advisers in debt capital markets, and nine of the top 10 investment banks. With dual headquarters in London and New York.

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