9Questions — Alex Popov, Carlyle — Private credit’s Hollywood moment



9Questions — Alex Popov, Carlyle — Private credit’s Hollywood moment

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9Questions is our Q&A series featuring key decision-makers in the corporate credit markets — get in touch if you know who we should be talking to!

Perhaps you heard last week that it’s official — it’s Taylor Swift’s world and we’re all just living in it.

Whatever her cultural impact, her tours, records, and films are an economy unto itself — and this thriving ecosystem shows how much wider the entertainment and sports sectors have grown in the past few years. 

Whether you’re manufacturing audio visual equipment for concerts or printing sports uniforms for football teams — there is a huge number of ancillary businesses that support these flourishing sectors. 

So 9fin spoke with Alex Popov, head of private credit at Carlyle, to get a lay of the land of the opportunities in sports and media and why they are attractive sectors to private credit.

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