9Questions — Jeremy Ghose, CEO, Investcorp Credit Management


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9Questions — Jeremy Ghose, CEO, Investcorp Credit Management

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9Questions will be a new series talking to some of the key decision-makers in leveraged finance — get in touch if you know who we should be talking to!

Jeremy Ghose is a 34-year veteran of leveraged finance markets, and is now chief executive of Investcorp’s Credit Management unit, having come over from 3i Debt Management when Investcorp bought it in 2017. Before 3i, which he joined in 2011, he was at Mizuho’s corporate bank, founding its leveraged finance business in 1988 and its third party fund management business in 2005.

Investcorp Credit Management has around $13bn in AUM, and focuses on senior secured credit and private debt for mid and large cap issuers. It has been issuing CLOs since 2004, and has more than 30 deals outstanding across the US and EU markets, under the Jamestown and Harvest brands.

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