9Questions — Rich Randall, IFM Investors — Infrastructure debt demystified



9Questions — Rich Randall, IFM Investors — Infrastructure debt demystified

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9Questions is our Q&A series featuring key decision-makers in credit markets — get in touch if you know who we should be talking to!

Private credit isn’t just corporate direct lending. It’s backing hard assets, financing real estate, and funding infrastructure projects. Increasingly, institutional investors are looking to diversify their private credit exposure to other emerging asset classes within the segment, such as infrastructure debt.

9fin spoke with Rich Randall, global head of debt investments at IFM Investors, an infrastructure investment specialist, to discuss the asset class. Randall has been with IFM for over a decade, having previously worked for Royal Bank of Scotland and Credit Agricole, focusing on project level infrastructure debt transactions and managing portfolios of assets.

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