9Questions — Stuart Brinkworth, Mayer Brown — Expectations for Labour



9Questions — Stuart Brinkworth, Mayer Brown — Expectations for Labour

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The first half of 2024 has been a tale of economic uncertainty, political turmoil, and a continued sluggish M&A market.

With the return of the syndicated markets this year, combined with the scarcity of new deals, there is fierce competition for the few good credits coming to market.

Adding to the difficult deployment market, elections across the globe leave the political future of a number of major economies unknown. In the UK, on Thursday, Labour is expected to win and to regain the power it lost back in 2010.

How would Keir Starmer's expected premiership affect the market? How have the economic challenges impacted private credit? And when will the M&A market finally come back?

Stuart Brinkworth, European head of leveraged finance at Mayer Brown, answered to some of these questions sitting with 9fin over a glass of Chassagne-Montrachet in London, talking elections, distress and — as a sommelier — his favourite wines.

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