Announcing “9fin AI” — GPT for LevFin


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Announcing “9fin AI” — GPT for LevFin

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We’re delighted to announce the beta launch of ‘9fin AI’, an experimental new feature that allows subscribers to ask questions about companies within debt capital markets and receive high quality answers in real time.

The ChatGPT-style interface is fully integrated into our existing search functionality, leverages large language models, and is fueled by proprietary 9fin data.

To ensure a high level of trust and maximum accuracy, all answers generated by 9fin AI have audit trail back to their underlying sources. We’ve also built in a number of guardrails and safeguards to prevent incorrect answers or hallucinations.

What can I ask questions about?

During its testing phase, we’re rolling out 9fin AI to an initial coverage universe of around 700 companies, with a focus on deriving answers from content written by the 9fin team.

That means you can ask complex questions like

“How could EG Group deleverage?”

“What does Pure Gym do?”

“Who are the competitors for Xerox?”

Over time we will extend 9fin AI to cover the entire leveraged finance universe and integrate the full suite of datapoints from the 9fin platform into the tool (e.g. financials, cap tables, covenants, pricing and much more!).

To try it out, fill out the form below!

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