Announcing 9fin’s AI-powered earnings transcripts


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Announcing 9fin’s AI-powered earnings transcripts

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Are endless hours of earnings calls leaving you feeling like you're drowning in information? We've been there, and we've got your back. That’s why we're excited to announce the launch of our AI-powered earnings transcripts tool, helping you change the way you tackle earnings season.

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What is 9fin’s AI-powered earnings transcripts feature?

This provides near real-time summaries and searchable transcripts of earnings calls, along with a Q&A function powered by GPT technology for immediate responses to complex questions.

Stay in the loop

Say goodbye to information overload. Our real-time summaries and fully searchable transcripts let you dive straight into the crucial details. Plus, with full audio playback, you’ll never miss a beat.

With AI-powered earnings transcripts, you can:

  • Ask specific questions around topics covered in the call, and get answers within seconds
  • Get a list of questions asked on the call
  • Search “IPO plans” to learn about a company's exit plans and bond refinancing 
  • Get the details on a company's view around leverage
  • Read the AI generated summary of a company's Q1 results

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