Announcing 9fin’s Covenant Data


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Announcing 9fin’s Covenant Data

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Today we’re excited to announce the launch of Covenant Data, the latest addition to our legal offering. Covenant Data gives you the information you need to strengthen your negotiating position by understanding which covenant terms have recently cleared the market and how different provisions were formulated in each deal.

Our database includes hundreds of datapoints that are traceable back to source and covers all 2022 and 2023 European deals launched so far. You can use Covenant Data to:

  • See which deals in the last 12 months had a J Crew Blocker provision limited to material IP; then easily track the evolution of the underlying language in Covenant Explorer by clicking on the button in the top right-hand corner;
  • Review how portability levels compare to opening net leverage in recent sponsor deals;
  • Identify deals with an available RP basket; then narrow down your list to those where the available RP basket can be first-lien secured.

We’re constantly expanding our coverage with more deals to be added in the coming weeks.

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