ESG Primer - Diving into Sustainability-Linked Deal Terms


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ESG Primer - Diving into Sustainability-Linked Deal Terms

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In this free webinar, 9fin’s expert credit team will outline the key trends in sustainability-linked deal structures that every investor should be thinking about when analysing a deal from an ESG perspective. 

With reference to recent bond, loan and CLO issuance, Alex Manolopoulos and Josh Latham will look at: 

  • Key Trends seen in sustainability-linked financing 
  • What determines a ‘strong’ ESG package? KPI & Sustainability Performance Target analysis
  • Margin ratchets – current, future or linked to unspecified targets – how can they be made meaningful? 
  • Emerging ESG ‘battlegrounds’ in documentation

The event will take place on 23 June at 2pm

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