Excess Spread - On the move, €150bn solar, Deco debacle


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Excess Spread - On the move, €150bn solar, Deco debacle

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  1. Owen Sanderson
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Good behaviour

Just before we all flew out to Barcelona, the folks at Deutsche Bank research put out a nice piece looking at call schedules and incentives for UK RMBS — handy for the visually-minded or Bloomberg-deprived among us. Give them a shout if you want to take a look

The biggie is Hawksmoor, the old GE Money non-conforming book sold to Blackstone, TPG and CarVal, and named for either the architect or the steakhouse. It traded since then to Davidson Kempner, which sponsored the 2019 refi, Hawksmoor Mortgage Funding 2019-1, which itself is up for call in August.

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