Excess Spread — Mashed Swede, drop it, exchange offer


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Excess Spread — Mashed Swede, drop it, exchange offer

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  1. Owen Sanderson
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Mashed Swede

The troubles of Europe’s largest debt collector Intrum have been taking up lots of time at 9fin HQ — last week’s announcement that it had appointed Houlihan Lokey and Milbank to advise on debt structure options sent the bonds off a cliff (the 2027s and 2028s are trading in the mid-50s).

Here’s a quick primer on the situation (ping me if you want a copy) and a follow-up on next steps, but at a high level, we’re talking about not enough assets and too much debt — Intrum has roughly SEK60bn (€5.28bn) of gross debt versus book value assets of SEK35bn, and a servicing business which is worth… something.

Whether you value servicing on a doValue multiple starting with a 3x, or a Prelios multiple at 9x matters quite a lot for assumed recoveries!

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