Friday Workout - Fed Call; Retail needs Therapy; Kirsten Dumped


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Friday Workout - Fed Call; Retail needs Therapy; Kirsten Dumped

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  1. Chris Haffenden
18 min read

BTFD, the Fed Put, HODL, to the 🌝 🚀, did we really think that all we had to do was to follow the latest meme and big tech, double down on any dips and ride our positions forever to get rich?

Did millennials really believe the crypto hype amid their ambition to become self-trade millionaires — while the rest of us were technophobes and just didn’t get it? Just another pyramid scheme, get in early and sell to the greater fool — and/or flood of institutional money to pile into digital currencies once the asset class got big enough to be investable?

Rather than making investments as a means of sticking it to the hedge funds and conventional money men, was it simply an out-of-the money call option/lottery ticket, the only way for a twenty something to ever make enough money to buy a house?

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