Groupe Casino — gambling with the capital structure


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Groupe Casino — gambling with the capital structure

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  1. Chris Haffenden
  2. +Denitsa Stoyanova, CFA
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In this free webinar, 9fin’s expert distressed team will look at the current situation for Groupe Casino and what it could mean for bondholders.

Chris Haffenden and Denitsa Stoyanova will discuss the following points:

  • Past History — Naouri empire building and financial engineering
  • Why is Casino in trouble? — how did we get here
  • Debt challenge — a fast approaching maturity wall
  • Double the trouble — carrying parent Rallye on its shoulders
  • Court manoeuvres —  Rallye sauvegarde reprieve but the clock is ticking…
  • Casino – strategic ambitions and setbacks
  • What’s in store — can Naouri fix Casino?
  • The planned merger— partners in mischief, a stopgap or a final solution?
  • Should Casino bondholders be fearful? What do the lawyers say?

The event will take place on 27 April at 1pm BST.

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