Introducing 9fin ESG Tags


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Introducing 9fin ESG Tags

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At 9fin we are excited to be launching the latest addition to our growing ESG offering, 9fin’s Bond & Loan ESG tags.  

Useful ESG LevFin data can be difficult to find given the private nature of the market and variance in frameworks used by different providers when assigning an ESG score or rating. At 9fin our ESG tags are based on how the deal is marketed. Using our tags you can view ESG classification under new deal docs & verify them via access to ESG frameworks & second party opinions in our Documents database.

In seconds, find, analyze and compare ESG instruments in High Yield and Lev Loans 

  • Track performance of Green and Sustainability-linked deals to non-ESG peers, both at- and post-issuance
  • For bankers, lawyers and advisors, our ESG filters allow you to build relevant ESG comps and uncover new deal ideas - for example to see if green bonds or sustainability linked loans historically have outperformed for a specific industry
  • For the buyside, ESG tags allow you to triage opportunities that meet your ESG investment mandate, and by connecting ESG tags with our AI-curated ESG news it is easy to spot ESG risk factors for issuers
  • Use our ESG Framework & Second Party Opinion documents to assess ESG language developments over time
ESG tag demonstration

At 9fin we are continuously monitoring how ESG evolves in LevFin and adding new ways to provide you with the most insightful ESG information. We'd love your thoughts on this new feature and how we can further develop our ESG offering, drop us an email to or reach out via our site chat bubble.

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