Introducing 9fin’s Earnings Flash


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Introducing 9fin’s Earnings Flash

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We are excited to share the launch of our newest feature - Earnings Flash!

When earnings are released it can be a frantic scramble to assess whether a company has performed well - especially when multiple companies are reporting at the same time. That’s why we’ve launched Earnings Flash. 

Earnings Flash gives you the ability to see the key earnings data for issuers in an aggregate view as soon as they are released, so you can triage companies’ results to quickly determine if a company is buy/sell/hold. This new feature will help you through the next earnings season and ties in with our existing news product that provides the market’s fastest alerts. 

We will also publish an additional Earnings Flash headline alert delivered straight to your inbox for companies you follow. 

Under the Earnings Flash panel on 9fin you can now see what 9fin determines to be the most important earnings numbers within minutes of an earnings announcement:

  • Sales (including percentage change year over year)
  • EBITDA (including percentage change year over year)
  • Net leverage (including change in leverage vs. the prior period)

Full financials across the 3 financial statements will also be available as usual on the same day as they are reported. 

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