9fin's Private Credit Q3 2023 Review


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9fin's Private Credit Q3 2023 Review

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Information is sourced from public announcements and privately submitted data from direct lenders, advisors, and sponsors across Europe. If you’d like to contribute to 9fin’s FY 2023 report, please get in touch at private-credit@9fin.com

European direct lenders have had their fill of snacking on smaller deals and are moving onto far bigger ones - Read 9fin's Q3 private credit report to deep dive into:

  • The six deals worth €1bn or more in Q3 2023;
  • The growing role of refis when the LBO market can't deliver;
  • Where average leverage is now sitting in middle market and large cap private credit deals;
  • Which country holds the crown for private credit activity;
  • And which European direct lender has come top of our league tables

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