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Sign up to 9fin's Webinar — Nature risks: a material consideration for lenders

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  1. Jennifer Munnings
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9fin’s latest ESG webinar takes a deep dive into the material financial impacts associated with nature loss.

Our 9fin host Jennifer Munnings will be joined by Peter Elwin, Director of Fixed Income at Planet Tracker, Zaneta Sedilekova, Director at Planet Law Lab, and Charlotte Apps, Sustainable Investment Analyst at Fidelity International.

Topics that will be discussed include:

  • Business case for assessing nature — what makes nature a material consideration for businesses and lenders?
  • Regulation — are financial institutions ready to address incoming regulations on assessing nature risks in their portfolios?
  • Case study — deep dive into HY companies that face liability, transitional, and financial risks as a result of their impacts on nature
  • Litigation risks — high level look at nature-related litigation risks

From regulatory to transitional risks, this webinar makes the case for investors to consider nature as both a risk and opportunity to their portfolio.

Join us on Tuesday 7th November at 10am GMT for the live event. Even if you can’t attend on the day, please register to ensure you get the replay as soon as possible.

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