SQLpy at the PostgreSQL London Meetup



SQLpy at the PostgreSQL London Meetup

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  1. Huss El-Sheikh
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A couple weeks back I spoke at the PostgreSQL London meetup (slides below), hosted at the Deliveroo offices in London. There were a load of other great talks in the night, and it’s always good to catchup with other PostgreSQL users in London.

Here are the slides from my talk on SQLpy. Without rehashing the whole talk, I just want to summarise a couple of things based off the questions I received at the end.

  • SQLpy is intended to be a very lightweight wrapper around your already implemented Python database interface library.
  • SQLpy is meant to help you organise your SQL queries and to stop including SQL strings in your Python source code.
  • SQLpy is guaranteed to run the exact code you write, compared to an ORM which will “compile” your code and generate a query.
  • Because SQLpy does so little, you’re free to use any design pattern you like to work with your data.

Slides at speakerdeck here

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