The Merge Lock: Refactoring our SDLC at 9fin



The Merge Lock: Refactoring our SDLC at 9fin

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By the time this post goes live, I should be getting ready to speak at the inaugural GitLab Commit Conference. My talk is about how as a young startup, the way we deliver our technology products have changed and evolved.My talk abstract is below:

Sat in the kitchen, my co-founder and I freshly just having quit our jobs, we were at work on the MVP of what would become 9fin. We were already using an online hosted Git repo for source control, but the need for coordination on what we were building led us to look for something which combined Private Git repos and Issue Management. GitLab was our choice.

Three years later, we’ve gone from 1 to 30+ projects, from no CI to automated and on demand jobs deploying in multiple environments, business and product teammates collaborating within GitLab and even building our own tools on top of GitLab for ChatOps and Review Apps. This is our journey, and how we got here. I’ll share how we slowly grew our use of GitLab, the surprising human factors and pains in adopting better DevOps, and the benefits we have gained along the way.

Anyway, some of those “human factors” are expanded upon in my talk, and I make reference to to a short but particularly painful point in our SDLC journey. As we were adjusting to a growing team, and a breakneck pack of development. I mention a bit of a “peace envoy” work I had to do to reconcile the issues and difficulties we were facing. For this I produced a short report doc, and in honour of GitLab’s values of transparency, I have made it publicly available.

Link to the full Google Doc here .

Link to the accompanying GitLab Commit conference talk:

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