Video interview — Amir Vardi, Credit Suisse Asset Management


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Video interview — Amir Vardi, Credit Suisse Asset Management

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9fin has partnered with DealCatalyst on a ‘meet the speaker’ series ahead of DealCatalyst’s Annual CLO Industry Conference with the LSTA on 29 April.

In the second episode, 9fin sat down with Amir Vardi, managing director and head of structured credit at Credit Suisse Asset Management, who will speak on the panel — what's important across the investor spectrum: triple A to equity perspective.

9fin’s CLO senior reporter Michelle D'souza asked Vardi about keeping up with triple-A paydowns and the equity reset/refi/new issue dilemma, CSAM’s growing pipeline, relative value between the US and Europe and private credit CLOs.

To hear Vardi speak on the panel, you can sign up for the conference here.

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