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Will September spark pipeline plenty?

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As bankers start swapping pitch decks for swim shorts this summer, what will September bring, once the August lull is behind us?

Sellside expectations around pipeline are mixed — some are citing an improvement as bid-offers in auction processes converge, while others continue to sit frustrated on the sidelines, waiting for sponsors to act.

Fortunately fears around the most anticipated recession ever have abated in response to softer inflation prints — leading to more optimism in the market. 

“We have reasonable cash levels with investors and a pretty stable market due to a bit more confidence about the rates direction,” said one banker. “The primary deals we've seen the last couple of weeks have been reasonably well supported.”

Looking forward, some sources are preparing for a busier pipeline. 

A second sellsider said: “We’ve got a bunch of things coming in September so it’s been a busy summer preparing for that; the buyout calendar is finally coming together.”

A third sellsider concurred, saying that “a lot more serious pitching is going on versus before,” while a fourth sellsider said, “it’s still early days but we’re starting to see green shoots.”

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