Access US CLO data quickly, easily, and all in one platform


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Access US CLO data quickly, easily, and all in one platform

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We’ve launched our US CLO database to make data accessible and useful for time-crunched CLO arrangers, managers, advisors, law firms and investment banks.

This is an expansion of our existing database, and forms part of 9fin’s wider Structured Credit offering.

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"Since our November 2023 launch, our growing CLO database now features comprehensive US data complete with primary pricing, capital structures, holdings data and more. This underscores our ongoing dedication to crafting the world's premier CLO content and data platform."

Andrew WongSenior Product Manager, 9fin

Free up your time for the work that matters

Teams responsible for Collateralized Loan Obligations (CLOs) often struggle to access a comprehensive view of relevant collateral and performance data.

Usually the process involves manually gathering information from various sources, which is a huge time drain and can increase the risk of human error.

Instead of sinking the day into CLO research, 9fin users can now access, filter and compare CLO data in a centralized repository in seconds.

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Win business faster

Our US CLO database offers: 

  • Up-to-date CLO primary pricings
  • Full capital structures
  • Deal info and key parties
  • Important dates 
  • Latest holdings data

This wealth of easily-accessible information will help users identify investment opportunities, get insights on competitor performance, and ultimately win business faster.

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