Robertshaw decision crowns winners on both sides


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Robertshaw decision crowns winners on both sides

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The decision in the Robertshaw adversary proceeding is a mixed bag for distressed debt investors, and the market could be left trying to untangle its nuances for a while — especially because the judgment revolved around the capitalization of a single term in the super priority credit agreement.

On the one hand, Judge Christopher Lopez for the US Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Texas found that the appliance partsmaker violated its credit agreement through a December transaction engineered to keep it out of bankruptcy. That could curtail similar maneuvers by other lenders in the future.

On the other, Judge Lopez determined that Invesco is entitled to monetary damages but not to any equitable remedies, and that an ad hoc group of lenders to Robertshaw consisting of Bain Capital, Canyon Partners, and Eaton Vance did not breach the credit agreement and still count as required lenders. Lopez found that Robertshaw’s financial sponsor One Rock likewise did not breach the agreement.

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