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Spot undervalued credits and potential future restructurings with our purpose-built tools.

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Save hours of time with data you can screen, sort, and analyse seamlessly

Get up to speed quickly with direct links to source docs, financials, holdings data and reports. Identify early signs of distress by screening across the market, with a one-stop shop for all your restructuring analysis.

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The holding page and screener of all deals makes it easy to visualise and digest

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Powerful screeners and filters to make your work easy

Dive into the data with quick filters and side by side financials at a company, instrument and transaction level - all with flexible download and extraction tools. Up-to-date cap tables complete the picture on any company.

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The platform is so easy to navigate so I always use it when I am trying to find financials or holdings data. I now use 9fin more than Bloomberg

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Dive deep into complex situations with our market-leading analysis

Get the information you need with our source docs, research and editorial content. Spot opportunities for new business with our covenant capacity tool.

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Your coverage of German Real Estate situations has been in-depth and exemplary

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