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When price-sensitive news breaks, you’ll hear about it first on 9fin. We use AI to aggregate newsflow from 2,000+ sources and deliver it straight to your inbox, faster than anyone else.

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Very slick platform. Newsflow is very helpful, email alerts and in particular, results notifications - we're signed up to all the distribution lists, but 9fin is still quicker.

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Staying on top of everything is difficult. That’s why we do the hard work for you, using machine learning to find price-sensitive newsflow from alternative sources, like social media and local press.

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On Amigo Loans, you picked up all the founder's social media posts and tweets, which simply wasn't picked up by other news outlets.

MDRestructuring Firm


Access key metrics and results analysis during earnings season

Get the headline numbers before you’ve even opened an earnings release, with our rapid coverage. Find all the source documents you need on 9fin and remove the stress of trying to access information from password protected IR sites.

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When CMA CGM reported, the numbers were terrible. 9fin captured it by far the fastest and made the difference where we saw over €10m trade.

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