Covenant analysis in a commercial context.

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Fast and focused legal analysis

Our team of lawyers produce QuickTakes on high yield bonds and leveraged loans. Our analysis is balanced, commercially focused and delivered before you have to make a decision.

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Legal QuickTakes are really helpful, we were very surprised that you get these out at such incredible speed. Other firms take days!

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Cut through the noise by searching within the description of notes and risk factors sections across thousands of OMs.

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Running a description of notes document search in 9fin is easy. I can search within specific sections, download the description of notes section of the relevant precedents, and have them to hand in my meetings.

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Search for covenant terms across the whole high yield universe

Scan the entire high yield bond universe in seconds with our database. Search for precedent, discover which deals have a covenant feature, and quickly assess what’s ‘market’.

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Covenants made clear

Build detailed covenant comparison charts, including full text or only basket sizes, in just a few clicks. View drafting changes using our advanced red line function. Use our covenant pushback tool to track material changes made to covenants during deal marketing.

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We were surprised, we compared our calculations for debt capacity on a few deals and basically landed exactly in line with your analysis.

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