Introducing 9fin Cap Tables


Introducing 9fin Cap Tables

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Understand a company’s capital structure without drowning in documents 

9fin’s Cap Tables is the fastest way to get to grips with a company’s capital structure.

Our interactive Cap Tables lets you view a company’s different debt tranches, splits of secured and unsecured debt, leverage, EBITDA multiples, revolver availability, liquidity and enterprise value.

Multiple debt instruments. Multiple different sources. One Cap Table.

Our Cap Tables can help you to:

  • Break down large complex capital structures, such as firms in the telecom industry
  • Compare debt multiples across the capital stack using actual EBITDA versus Adjusted EBITDA
  • View corporate and consolidated levels in securitisation structures

To request your copies of Cap Tables for companies such as Telecom Italia, EG Group and Zenith Leasedrive, please complete your details here.

A seamless one stop shop for leveraged finance

9fin Cap Tables are the latest part of our seamless, one stop shop for the leveraged finance industry.

Accessible from individual company pages, Cap Tables sit alongside company news, financials, source documents, instruments and pricing. Company pages also offer peer group benchmarking and ESG filters to get you up to speed on everything you need to know about a company.

9fin Cap Tables are interactive with links to individual instruments where you can quickly drill down into source documents and holdings data.

If you would like to see these, and other examples, of our Cap Tables, please complete your details here to take a trial of 9fin.

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