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Stay ahead of competitors with the latest news in the market. Get exclusive scoops & analysis from our expert team of journalists, plus deal predictions before they happen.

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9fin's content is the best out there. An excellent mix of market chatter, analysis & trends

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Compare and analyse recent deals across the market. Build comparable sets from our leveraged loan database in seconds, based on hundreds of data points on each instrument.

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Available within hours of a deal launching, we provide you with commercially focused summaries highlighting key battleground issues.

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I love your legal quicktakes, the basket summaries are so quick to digest. I use them to cross check our internal capacity calculations, and get confirmation I’m right

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Covenant analysis made simple

Scan the entire high yield bond universe in seconds with our database. Search for precedent, discover which deals have a covenant feature, and quickly assess what’s ‘market’.

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Best product for credit analysis, legal analysis on covenants, M&A announcements

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